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I can't Believe You Kissed Me

          With a kiss, Judas showed affection but not true love. God will not put up with anything that is not real. How can you say you love God if you don't love your brother?  If you are not perfect, don't expect anybody else to be perfect either. Love will never be offended, ever! We need to make sure that we are walking in love, always! If we guard our hearts, the devil can't put anything in our heart against anybody. Pride is the only place where we can be taken out. Satan was putting things in Judas' heart. It was not a one time thing. It was thought by thought. There is no one of us that cannot be taken out by Satan if we don't guard our hearts. 

           Who leads an evil heart? The devil. Pride is guiding you to exalt yourself, your will, your way above the Word of God. If you know the Word of God and do it, you are blessed. I am showing you how the enemy can get in: through pride. You exalt yourself above Christ! 

           We start saying: "You don't know what they did to ME". That's why Satan attacked mostly wounded people. Because they think they have the right to react. We need to stay low. We need to die. It can't get lower than that. When I expect my brother to be a certain way, but I am far from being like that, I am called self-righteous. We need to guard our hearts or a spirit of murder will come in.

           "I can't believe you kissed me." Some people act like nothing is wrong. They keep showing affection, kissing the ones they don't get along with. This is a dangerous place to be. The distance does not happen overnight. Remove the tares out of your heart or you will never be able to walk in love at all because you don't have any. If you can't love them who are part of you, how can you love your enemies? 

           Satan was working, putting things in Judas' heart, then, eventually, he entered into it. The Holy Spirit can't do anything for us if we decide not to walk in love. Jesus was loving Judas, led by the Spirit, but Judas did not think that way because he was a partner with another - Satan. He made a deal with Satan when He allowed Him to get into his mind. There were some signs of a contaminated heart before the final betrayal when Judas wanted the oil for Jesus' burial to be used in a different way. 

           Be aware. Even the chosen ones can be taken out. All of us need to maintain our hearts. Love one another just like Jesus does. Peter promised Jesus to lay down his life for him, but he denied him. His heart was right though. 

           Sometimes you need a "forceful love." They don't want you to love them. You love them anyhow. They reject you, but you keep on loving. Many of us face betrayals all the time, but don't be the one that betrays. Don't be the one that says things just because. Mean it what you say. Love in words and in deeds. Someone does something wrong to you, we need to be the first ones that want to be right but right with God. 

           Let God deal with people’s flaws. The Holy Spirit is the one that deals with it. The voice exposes it, but it has to be between you and the Holy Spirit.  Satan can turn us against one another. Jesus did not have any flaws, and satan still made Judas to get offended at Jesus. Imagine how easier is for satan to do the same with us, imperfect people.

           "I don't want to be treated like Jesus is treating me. I need this. I need that," but it is not about that, what you want. It is about what you need. You will be judged by what you expect from people. I cannot demand you to love me, but God demanded me to love you. 

           Judas sold his destiny for 30 pieces of silver. Judas’ sign of betrayal was a kiss. Affection was not a proof of true love. Satan will take out from the least to the greatest if we let him. This is serious. Jesus, at the table of communion, said to him: "Judas, do what you have to do. I saw it from the beginning. Just do it."

           "Judas, I can't believe you kiss him." This happens among God's people. When we know the word says take no offense, and we still do, we are exalting ourselves about the Word. That is only when we grow into His image. You decide to obey, and grace is right there. God has set a table before us, but the self righteous cannot partake of it. You have to beat your chest and ask God, "God, help me to love my brother!" 

           If you humble yourself, God exalts us. If it is the opposite, He will bring us low. No one can be more humble, more trusting than a little child. In meekness, in gentleness of Christ, I beseech you, don't war against one another. It is not carnal. It is against Satan that we need to fight. Today, pull down thoughts, assumptions, strongholds, casting down every high thing, every thought that comes against the Word of God and your brother. Bring everything within you and in your mind into the captivity of Christ. Let us be in obedience towards loving one another just like we love God and Jesus loved us. 

      And if anyone kisses their brethren, let it be a holy, pure kiss.

Shane W Roessiger

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