Perversion Or Pure Vision, By Amy Mecsko


  • Perverted version of repentance: just say a prayer and you've picked up a fire insurance ticket. Pure vision of repentance: turn from the sin, turn from the world, and come OUT of it.
  • Perverted version of grace: it's ok to sin, we all do and always will, God’s grace covers me. Pure vision of Grace: His blood purifies you from the sin and His grace enables you to walk in Holiness, this crushing sin under your feet. 
  • Perverted version of love: feeling, always smiling, loving and encouraging, making someone feel good all the time.Pure vision of love: encouraging, rebuking, and correcting based on the WORD of God.
  • Perverted version of church: dress up, cover up all the messy places, look good in front of others, sit and hear a comforting message, and go home completely unchanged. Pure vision of church: believers, bare before the Lord, exposing all the hidden wicked places and submitting them to the Father, hearing a message that will expose and correct any wrong way in us, repenting quickly and going home changed.
  • Perverted version of the cross: Jesus  already paid the price so I can live in the finished work of the cross and never do anything more! Pure vision of the cross: Jesus has paid the price and shown me the way so I, too, can truly follow Him, pick up my cross and endure until the end in His Grace. 
  • Perverted version of life: It’s all good, it's always suppose to be good and anything that doesn't make me feel good must be from the devil. Once I come to Jesus with my "salvation prayer" everything in life is suppose to be awesome and perfect and easy. 
  • Pure vision of Life: There WILL be trials and tribulations and the trying of your faith to work in you patience, endurance, longsuffering, and pure, Godly love. 
  • Perversion vs Purity: Wide, easy road vs. the narrow gate that few find ...

By Amy Mescko 

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