The Spirit of Korah is the Spirit of Judas

"God just showed me some amazing revelation! After my brother Joe Pinto’s message on the spirit of Korah, it coincided with what I preached and what God gave me yesterday with the Judas spirit. Talk about one accord! There are no new spirits, evil or holy under the sun. So, Mary with the oil brought her sacrifice to Jesus, her gift for His body for burial. Judas did not like that at all. Korah was saying, “We all are the same.” Judas was saying, “Look at Him, Guys, we all do the same.” Korah says, “We are all holy. Why follow Moses?” He lifts himself up and so on (we know God set him in). These two spirits are the same: Anti-Christ or anti-headship, anti-Government of God, anti-anointing, saying we are all equal and we are, but we are not in the sense of Godly government.

Judas gets ticked off from the religious spirit that motivated him in jealousy that was stirring others in indignation to also come against Jesus, just as Korah did to come against Moses. Now we have many in the system of religion saying, “Well, let’s do it our way. We don't need the Holy Spirit. We don't need the power. Let’s just motivate,” representing the religious spirit in the new testament. Korah did the same in the Old Testament, saying we are all the same. Do away with this Moses. Who does He think He is? Judas betrayed Him to the system of religion. Judas found his tribe. Judas said, “This oil and gift should be used for the poor, not the body of Christ.” He gave gifts unto men for the perfecting of the saints, apostles, prophets, and so on, God’s gift to us. We have a religious system with puppet pastors not from God but man.

The stone the builders rejected is being rejected now, anti-Christ spirit with no power, no correction, no Godly leading. So, the Bible said he was a thief and really cared nothing for the poor. That’s like religion that raises money not to support God’s government, not to support anointing, but to support the golden calf, to support themselves and dead works, paganism, and salaries for un-anointed leaders, people running around with no vision just a bunch of division. Now Mary was anointing him, being led fully by God’s Spirit, blessing the body of Christ. Also, Moses in his office of administration was to help protect and lead the congregation, being led by God fire and the cloud and face to face. Now watch this. Korah wanted to take the gift that was Moses away from the people saying we don't need it, we can handle ourselves. We can do it our own way (not God’s way). We all are holy. Now in the New Testament they say we all hear God. We all are part of the body. We don't need God’s government.

This anti-Christ spirit in the church, most churches say we don't need to cast out devils, we don't need to correct people. God will do it. Just love them, pray for them. Judas also wanted to do it His way just like the religious system. We don't need Elijah. We hear God. This spirit is anti-power, anti-Holy Spirit, and anti-God and moves in dead works. So, Judas wanted to steal the Gift (oil) representing Holy Spirit which is the anointing. God set apart broken men, women, people He is using that He ordained, not man ordained (like Matthias). They are to anoint the body of Christ to bless and break yokes, the ones He anoints to help all of us to die to our fleshly desires and lust and prepares as a bride without spot and wrinkle. Only the humble will be washed and pressed. The rebellious will dwell in system of man in a dry place.

Do all have oil? Hope so. Are we all anointed? Let’s see! We know it says that we all should be, but we all, if anointed, have the spirit of murder trying to rob the gift. We will never be as anointed as God desires if we don’t follow His instructions.  God gave these gifts to the Body for edification and raising up. So, it’s the oil (Holy Spirit) in the gift (person) to the body that this spirit of religion is after. The anointing causes the Absalom spirit all over teaming with Jezebel to rob the people of the oil (gift) for their burial so they can all be raised to the same stature and measure of Christ. It is a spirit of murder and python choking out headship, cutting off John’s head. This blew my mind when it was downloaded. Hope it blessed you. Re-read and if need to share it because God said it!” Shane Roessiger


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