There’s a difference between looking for signs and wonders. And signs and wonders following! We don’t have to look for signs when we’re following Jesus! They will follow us because they follow Jesus. 

Those that believe, signs and wonders shall follow! Do you believe? Maybe you have to keep looking for signs and wonders because you don’t believe. Blessed are those that believe and do not see! Maybe you keep following signs and wonders because you don’t follow Him! They are supposed to follow you. It’s not a hard thing for God to show you something. It just requires your hearing ear and eyes that you may see. Many don’t want to hear Him, but then they want to speak for Him and want Him to back it up but He’s not going to back up what He didn’t put forth! 

What He puts forth, He backs up! And when He backs it up, He brings forth signs and wonders following! Many are following signs, following wonders, but not following Jesus! Well, then it is a false sign and wonder! If it’s not to confirm Jesus but to confirm the Jesus of your own making, it’s artificial! I can talk about fruit, and 9 times out of 10, I’m going to see a piece of fruit or a tree with fruit soon after and say confirmation! Signs and wonders! Yet is it from God or is it from you? Is God showing you? Or are you showing you? 

Many are reading tea leaves and calling it signs and wonders. God does not need our help to confirm Himself! Are you looking? Or are they following? Many are looking for signs and wonders to confirm their own lusts! Looking to prove to man what they say, we don’t have to prove ourselves if we’re letting Him speak, He will prove Himself! He is the God of the universe! He can do whatever He wants! If He’s going to prove Himself, let Him do it! He doesn’t have to but He does! Sometimes you’re looking for God to prove to certain people but only God can do it! 

Yet maybe God isn’t doing it in front of some because they still won’t believe! And some won’t believe unless they see signs and wonders but signs and wonders follow Him, and if you aren’t following Him, how can you expect to see the signs and wonders that come from Him? We need to get a grip! If it’s God, it’s God. If it’s man, it’s dead! The devil will confirm his own word! But does that mean because there was a false sign or wonder that it was God? That’s why the Bible calls it “lying” signs and wonders! That they would support the words that lie and make them appear as truth, leading many astray. 

God has a seal, and the devil has a seal! God confirms the word and the devil confirms his word. He is just a copycat, an imitator! Do not believe the copycats. Believe what comes from heaven. When it comes from heaven, it comes with oil. When it’s from the devil, it comes with confusion. When God shows you signs and wonders, it hits your spirit! When the devil or man shows you signs and wonders, it carries no weight because it is not heavenly, it’s earthly. It is dead. The dead cannot confirm and affirm the living. 

Signs and wonders follow His word, not your word! If your word is His word, they will follow you. Some people are looking for signs and wonders because they are looking for attention! Look at this sign; look at this wonder! But then it makes you wonder? Maybe they are really saying in their heart, “Look at me!” Everything comes down to the heart! I’m not saying we can’t show what God is doing, the signs and wonders GOD is doing. Yet when we’re showing people signs and wonders that we were looking for, for people to look at us, it starts to become divination. Jesus said, “A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign.” Even if the word is from God, we do not have to go out of our way to look for every prophetic sign. If they are from God, they will grab our attention because God is grabbing our attention. 

Some people miss signs and wonders from God because they are missing God, because they are not in the Spirit, and they are not connected! Yet when we’re connected, we start to be connected and in tune with every sign and wonder of God, every prophetic thing God is trying to show us. We don’t need to try to be prophetic, it is just a natural thing when you are in the Spirit. When God shows us something, it has power. When we show ourselves something, it does not bear witness with the Spirit on the inside of us that brings these signs and wonders for us to see on the outside. 

We need to see with our spiritual eyes and not our natural eyes. Hear with our spiritual ears and not with our natural. Although we hear things in the natural, if it is spiritual, we hear it in the spirit. Although we see things in the natural, if it is spiritual, we see it in the Spirit. God can show you a door, but in the natural, it’s just a door, but in the Spirit, He may be showing you that He’s open doors no man can shut and He’s shutting doors that no man can open. Do you have eyes to see? Do you have ears to hear? If you don’t then you just see a door, but if you’re in the spirit and God is speaking, you see and hear much more than that!

When God is confirming something, I don’t have to look in the natural to try and see what is spiritual, yet on the contrary, my spiritual eyes will show me what is spiritual in the natural. The Kingdom of God is not by observation that you can see with your natural eyes, it is within. What is within is supposed to interpret what’s going on around us. 

Seeing in the Kingdom is not natural, it’s spiritual. Hearing is spiritual. That’s why He says to people with natural eyes, do you have eyes to see? You have an ear, but do you have an ear to hear? You can’t see and hear in the spiritual if you only have natural eyes and ears! You cannot see the living if you are dead. All of us are alive in the flesh, but many are dead in the spirit. Being ignorant of spiritual things, only perceiving natural things. 

When you cannot see in the Spirit, you will only look in the natural. Yet you cannot confirm what is spiritual with what is natural if you can’t even see in the Spirit! And many start to be super-spiritual and see things but it’s the imagination of the heart. The vision of the heart but not from the Spirit and it is carrying no weight in the Spirit. If it’s carrying no weight in the Spirit, it’s probably carnal! We need to buy eye solvent for our eyes. We need to have ears to hear so that we can stop looking, and signs and wonders can start following. Sometimes you’re looking for a sign and wonder but God may have already shown you many, but if you are blind in the Spirit, how can you see them? If you’re blind in the Spirit, of course, you will look with the eyes in the natural that do see but those eyes can never see what God sees. 

You don’t have to look for it, it will look for you!

Some people are looking for signs and wonders so much, not for God to be glorified but so they can be glorified! Signs and wonders are supposed to give glory to God, not us. It is to confirm who we are and what we say from God to others, so that others may see Him! That’s our goal in everything we do in ministry: for the people to see Him. If it’s not for them to see him. It’s all vanity. It’s in vain because everyone comes to you but never to Him. Now you’re preaching God but people are worshipping you, so really the God you preach is you. 

Of course, you have to find lying signs and wonders because God is not going to bring real signs and wonders to support your idolatry! O Lord, let us not be turned over to vanity. These things go deep on why we actually are always looking for signs and wonders because it’s about us and not about Him. Yet when it’s about Him, signs and wonders follow us! Greater glory is this! 

By Joe Pinto

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