Revival starts with you; revival starts with me! We need to break this mindset that we are waiting on revival. No, we are the wave of revival the world is waiting for! The Bible says the world is waiting, waiting for what? For Him? For revival? No, for you! For the manifestation of the Sons and Daughters of God because when they see them, they will see Him! For don't you know like Jesus said that if you have seen me you have seen the Father? So will we say to the world, if you have seen me, you have seen Jesus, and if you have seen Jesus, you have seen the Father? No, that’s not blasphemy, brother, that's the bible! For we have been predestined before the foundations of the world to be conformed to His image. We are called to look like Him and manifest Him!

You see, we're not praying for revival, we are releasing it! For the Kingdom of God is not by observation as if we’re waiting for it to come from somewhere. No, it is within! Within whom? You! For the Kingdom of God is joy, peace, and righteousness in the Holy Spirit! And now that same Spirit is in us. That same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is now in us which means the power to raise the dead is now in us, and the world is dead in sin and we are coming as saviors of the savior manifesting the savior to revive them! This is revival! To raise those that died with Adam into the resurrection of the new Adam, Christ! We are the wave of glory that the world is waiting for - for He calls us “Glory Carriers”! We each carry a weight of glory, and the more each of us releases that weight of glory, the greater the weight of His presence. His revival Fire will increase. For each of us is a wave of glory, and the more each one of us releases the level of glory we carry, the more we as His body will go from glory to glory, from faith to faith! For He said the same glory that my Father has given to me, I give to them! Brother, sister, you’re not waiting. He has already given it to you! But the world is waiting for you to finish your refinement, to take the road less traveled, that you may let old things pass away in the fire so that the new things He has already given to you can manifest, and out of the Fire, even Nebuchadnezzar shall give your God glory, and even your enemies shall be at peace with you. For He shall set a table in the presence of your enemies and even they shall taste and see that the Lord is good! This is revival! That the enemies of God shall be made our brothers. And we shall grow in stature and favor with God and with men. Many men shall hate us, but more shall be saved and believe, for where our treasures are, there our heart shall be. For the treasure is in the field, the pearl of great price, mothers, brothers, sisters, lands, a spiritual inheritance of people that shall expand His territory as we make what He values, our value. As the souls of men become the second apple of our eye just as they are His, as we love God with all our heart, mind, and soul, and love our neighbor as ourselves, rivers of refreshing shall be poured out to them. And He shall turn the swine into sheep and the fish into fishers and He shall expand His Kingdom by expanding His dominion, the King’s dominion, the Kingdom. His dominion, His brothers, His sisters, His sons and daughters, are the souls of men! For all souls are His and unto to dust shall their bodies return and the spirits, the souls, shall be accounted for at His hands. For as many that pass through by the Blood shall be counted as riches, as pearls, as those riches that shall be stored up in heaven where moth and rust shall not harm it for the spirit of death shall not harm those that are under the seal of His blood and Spirit! This is why we die - that they may see Him and live! We have to manifest Him for them to see Him.

See, some say, “Oh brother, stop talking about dying as if we have to gain something. We already have it all!” Yes, but No! You do have it all just like the prodigal son had it all but because he did not finish his process of time of refinement and raising up on his father’s farm, he took his inheritance. But because he was not ready for it, he ended up in the pigpen. He cast his pearls before the swine because he did not know how to be an eagle yet. We know that the swine represent the world. Many anointed people have ended up in the pigpen already because they desired their inheritance without going through the Fire to be changed into His image and likeness. Therefore, they fell to their own devices that God could have put through the fire so there didn't need to be any sin that so easily entangles because the Fire burns out every device. All these things the Fire wants to burn out, so that they may not weaken us or be a stumbling block to our spirit. God wants to make you a stallion in His barn. Yet some are malnourished trying to be released into the wild before their time and therefore lacking the necessary strength to overcome every obstacle that being in the wild brings. This is what the world is waiting for! The new man to come out of the ashes and the old man crucified with Christ, for this life you now live unto Christ, for your life is not your own but this life is now for the Glory of God that all may see the Glory He has put in you.

Break this mindset, church. There’s no magic well we are waiting for to release the wellspring! For did He not say that in him, in them, shall be a well of water springing up into everlasting life? For out of your bellies shall come rivers of living water! The well is in you, brother! The river is in you, sister! We are not waiting for it, we are releasing it. For He directs the water in where they shall go and how they shall wash but we uncap the well that it may have free rein to be released through us! Do not be given to the devices of your belly but release the rivers of living water from your belly. For the world is waiting, and they are waiting for the release of the voice of many waters through every belly. For now our hearts are His throne and our bellies are that same river that flows from the throne of God. For now His throne is our heart and our bellies are the river. For He who loves Him, Him and His Father, shall make their abode with him, with her. A throne room in them. He sits on a throne. A throne is rule, and now He will rule our heart with the peace of God as we let Him sit and be the Lord of our life. We call Him Lord and Savior, but we love the savior part but the Lord part is still with our lips. For many honor with their lips, honor Him as Lord with a kiss, but with their hearts are far from letting Him be Lord! 

What does a Lord do? He tells His servants what to do, where to go, what to say! We are sons, but in another sense we are still servants. Servants obey their master. For why do you call me Lord and do not what I say? But where the Spirit of the Lord is, “The Lord!” there is freedom! We need to make Him the Lord of our life and not just savior! Then we will see those rivers in us start to move, start to rush out like a mighty river. For wherever the Throne is, wherever His Lordship is exalted, there shall be the river of the water of life as clear as crystal flowing from our bellies because wherever He takes His throne, the river shall flow! Wherever His throne is, is wherever the river flows! Our hearts are thrones and He is conquering thrones! Let Him conquer you and He will conquer through you. And as He has overcome, you shall overcome, and people shall be overcome by the Wells of Revival from within you. The throne of God shall be established in them and new wells and rivers shall be established in their bellies!

Woman, drop your bucket, you are the well now! Now go to your city and spring up and let your nation drink the well of salvation which you have received. Jacob’s well is no longer a place. Now you are that well! This well shall spring up unto a river and those in a dry and thirsty land shall find drink. They shall go out to the wilderness, and they shall go out to unknown places, foolish places, and they shall find the wisdom of God, the Well of God, the rivers of life! For many shall come out from among those broken cisterns that do not satisfy and they shall taste and see that the Lord is good. They will dwell in the land of the living in the midst of the wilderness for these wells are wells of life and they make men live and in him shall they move and have their beings! For He will make a river in the desert, a fountain in the wilderness, and many shall drink and be glad.

Many shall be revived; many shall be restored. For the Spirit of Elijah has come on His messengers to bring the sons to the fathers and the fathers to the sons, to restore the broken-hearted, to bind up their wounds, to set the captives free and bring the Gospel of the Kingdom unto the poor. For where were you when I was hungry, when I was in prison, when I hungered, when I was a stranger, when I was naked? For what you have done unto the least of these you do unto me! This is revival. This is pure religion. This is the fast that He has chosen! For where they are, there He is ! There He is ! His oil, His Fire, His power, His Glory, His Wells! This is where they shall spring up - for those who are in spiritual need and hunger they shall be filled, they shall be comforted, for theirs is the Kingdom of God. For where the poor in spirit dwell, there are the riches of His Kingdom expelled unto them. They shall never thirst again and His well shall be called the well of satisfaction because it shall be more than enough, for it shall spring out unto eternal life and they shall forever be filled ! Who shall be found in the well like Joseph, who shall be be drawn out of the water like Moses? For as it was a seed of salvation planted in the River and such was Christ and shall we be drawn from the well, drawn from the River and men shall find salvation. For a seed must die before it can live and whatever is planted in the river, whatever is planted in the well shall live and shall spring up unto eternal life. When Joseph was drawn out, salvation was drawn out for His people in the midst of famine to come. When Moses was drawn out from the river, salvation for His people in Egypt was born! Moses’ mother planted Him. Joseph was not just being rejected but He was being planted that the world may draw him out and salvation may be found in Egypt, found in the world, and such was Christ and now shall we be. For He has died that we may live. Now we shall die that Christ may live in them! 

Who shall be planted in this well and who shall be drawn out from this well? Who shall be planted in this river? And who shall be drawn out? For the world is waiting for the seeds of salvation planted by Jesus that shall spring up and bring forth eternal life unto all who believe ! The world is waiting for you! For the wells of salvation, the wells of revival! You are a well, I am a well, we are the well! When Peter preached and 3000 were added to the church, 3000 cubits were added to the well. Add to this well, expand this river and the glory of the Lord shall fill the temple and a wave of revival shall sweep the earth! Revival is within you, for the Kingdom of God is in you. Release it!

By. Joe Pinto

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